A B O U T   R E B E C C A

When Rebecca was young, she regularly played with Susan, the girl next door, who was of a similar age.  Susan was naturally athletic and could do all those things, like cartwheels, that Rebecca could never manage.  This was a source of frustration, until one day Rebecca’s mother pointed out that in 30 years time, she would still be making music, but Susan would probably not still be doing cartwheels.  30 years later, her mother has been proven correct! 


Rebecca is passionate about teaching the music-making skills she has learned and developed over many years, so much so that she was still teaching an afternoon of lessons when in the initial stages of labour with her first child!  She believes she has demonstrated her patience as a teacher by teaching her own children to play the piano, with surprisingly few tantrums.  Her involvement with children with disabilities has proven invaluable in teaching piano to her special needs students.


Over the years her teaching practice, which started with just piano, has extended to include singing, keyboard, recorder and drums.  The piano, though, remains her primary passion, because of it’s versatility. 


Rebecca teaches any age and ability, and is particularly pleased when adults take up the challenge.  She believes you are never too old to learn.
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