K E Y B O A R D   L E S S O N S

When considering keyboard lessons, it is important decide the desired outcome.  Many people request electronic keyboard lessons, because that is the only instrument they have available.  Rebecca offers them a chance to learn a piano method using the keyboard as the practice instrument at home.  Broadly speaking, this means that the student will learn to play and read music in both the treble clef (right hand) and bass clef (left hand).  This contrasts with keyboard teaching courses, that concentrate on teaching the right hand to read and play the melody line and for the left hand to play the autmatically harmonised chords. 


However, if learning to read in both clefs is not the desired outcome, then Rebecca offers keyboard lessons, using The Complete Keyboard Player as the primary teaching resource.  A Yamaha PSR 8000 keyboard is available for use at the Ivory Tinklers studio, students may wish to bring their own instrument to learn on.
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