P I A N O   v e r s u s   K E Y B O A R D
Is buying a keyboard to practise on an acceptable alternative to a piano?   A keyboard will never replace a piano – it is an instrument in its own right.  However, if cost and space are an issue, then a keyboard with full sized keys is better than nothing.  It is important to understand, though, that it will have limitations.  Electronic pianos are a better option, although, again, even the most expensive instrument will never quite emulate the subtleties of a good accoustic piano.


In general, keyboard lessons will teach the student to play melodies with the right hand, whilst playing automatic or fingered chords in the left hand.  Only later will the student learn to read in the bass clef.  Rebecca is of the opinion that a student learns better by studying both treble and bass clef at the same time, as in reading notation through piano music.  Frustrations can arise at a later point if s/he has only learned to read in the treble clef (right hand), realising that the left hand will lag behind significantly through lack of familiarity with the bass clef.
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