S I N G I N G   L E S S O N S
A musical theatre/standards repertoire, exploring the great songwriters of the 20th and 21st centuries, everything from Gershwin to Andrew Lloyd Webber, is used in preference to classical songs.  Students are taught to understand the possibilities and limitations of their own voices, to understand the psychology of singing and what correct vocal production feels like.  Much of this is achieved initially through vocal exercises, then transferring the knowledged gained to singing songs.  There is no substitute for exercises to correct technical errors, but lessons will include a good balance of exercises and singing songs, to ensure variety.

There is no set age to begin training the voice – it depends on the maturity of the student.  However, it is generally accepted that young children should not train their voices to extremities, but rather learn how not to misuse them.  Lessons for the younger age group will concentrate on teaching them how to avoid straining their voices and to expose them to a wider range of vocal music and, where appropriate, teaching them to read music through singing. 


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